Humidity And Temperature monitoring Using Arduino With The IoT

Using this IOT device we can monitor the Humidity and temperature in real time basis. This device can be used to control any electrical and electronic appliance where temperature and humidity are the controlling factors.

Voice Controlled LEDs using Arduino and Bluetooth

Using this device the LED's can be controlled with the help of voice commands. The voice commands will be provided by using android app in a smart phone. This device can be used in home automation.

Automatic Street Light Controller Circuit Using Relay and LDR

This circuit describes an Automatic Street Light Controller Circuit that uses LDR and Relay to perform this job automatically.The circuit employed here is an uncomplicated light/dark activated switch and contains a relay at its output, which simply turns ON/OFF a street light and further can be extended to control any electrical appliance in a household.

Battery Level Indicator

In this project, I will show you how to design a simple Battery Level Indicator Circuit using easily available components. Battery level indicator indicates the status of the battery just by glowing LED’s. For example six LED’s are glowing means battery capacity 60% remains.

IoT Based Patient Monitoring System using ESP8266 and Arduino

In this project, we will show you how design a IOT based Patient Monitoring System Using ESP8266 and Arduino. This system will collect the pulse rate of the patient in real time basis and upload the values to the cloud and when the condition is critical it will send a alert to the doctor for immediate through email.

Arduino based Text to Speech (TTS) Converter

Text-to-speech or TTS system converts normal text into Speech. This tech enables the system to speak out the text in a human voice. There are many examples of Text to Speech conversions like the announcements at public transport, the customer care calls, voice assistants in your smartphones, or the navigation menu of any machine. You can even find the TTS in Microsoft Word where you set it to speak out the text written in the document.

Ultrasonic Based Blind Stick

This Smart stick will have an Ultrasonic sensor to sense distance from any obstacle, LDR to sense lighting conditions and a RF remote using which the blind man could remotely locate his stick. All the feedbacks will be given to the blind man through a Buzzer.

LPG Leakage Detector

The circuit for an LPG leakage detector is readily available in the market, but it is extremely expensive and usually based on a microcontroller (MCU). Presented here is a low-cost circuit for an LPG detector that you can build easily.

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